The UX Card Sort

The online UX Card Sort can be found here:

The card deck is made up of 53 cards that describe a mixture of deliverables, knowledge domains and activities commonly used in the UX domain.

Participants are asked to divide the stack into three piles:

1. Primary, Core
These are the elements that you consider to be the core of your job. This is what you do on an almost daily basis.

2. Secondary, Occasional
These are the elements which are part of your job on an occasional basis and you do not consider to be part of the core job. These things you do sometimes.

3. Suitcase, Knowledge
This is the knowledge you take with you to do the primary and secondary things of your job.  It is not something you necessarily use or do every day.

4. Not
These are the elements you don’t have anything to do with, they are not part of your job. A very simple: “No, I don’t do this”

So take a step back, lean back, and think about what the UX you actually do on a daily basis.

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